Bir billing paragliding

Bir Billing Paragliding

Bir Billing Paragliding


What is the best season to choose for paragliding to gain ultimate experience?

Due to its location at the dhuladhar mountain range in the great Himalayas, Bir Billing always has the blessing of great weather throughout the year. But the best time for ultimate experience of paragliding is divided into two parts: October – November and March – June are considered as the best time for bir billing paragliding. Some people prefer the month of December and January for paragliding because they like the view presented by the snow capped mountains.

Highlights of the bir billing paragliding trip:-

  1. The paragliding flight timing is of 15- 30 minutes.
  2. The temperature at the time of trip is between 10- 25 centigrade.
  3. The take off site is 8000 ft from the sea level whereas the landing site is 4300 ft from the sea level.

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